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Online Coupons. Can They Actually Bring my Website More Traffic

May 5, 2011

After the financial crises Americans faced in 2009-2010, “We’ve had a rough year” seems to be the number one topic of conversion on everyone’s minds these days. Most families were forced to prioritize and budget their spending in today’s bad economy. As a result, people started looking for online deals and coupons for products and services. Indeed, coupons have never been more popular especially among the users that have an average household income of around $100K. Studies show that adults with higher income are more likely to use coupons than the ones with lower income. This is most likely due to the financial crises that hit hard even the most elite of consumers. As a result, marketing through coupons has become very popular among small and medium size businesses. Studies show that, 62% of online consumers look for coupons for online stores, and 12% never make a purchase without checking for an online coupon first. As a savvy business owner, integrating an effective coupon distribution service, as part of your overall online marketing campaign, will increase your online visibility and ROI.

Here are the top benefits of coupon marketing:

  • It will attract new customers as they are actively looking for your products and services
  • Your old customers will want to continue using your products and services because of the deals
  • Coupon marketing provides the opportunity for additional profits through sale of related items: the customer will be tempted to buy additional regularly priced items on your site
  • Coupons will entice new customers that have been shopping at your competitors, and this will cause them to break their routine to take advantage of your attractive coupon offer
  • Coupons will increase and expand your market arena because customers will go far to redeem a good deal

By creating and testing different coupon offers, you can effectively measure the audience response to your campaigns. This process may be time consuming for most busy business owners. There are coupon service providers that can effectively create, distribute and measure the marketing results. These services are generally done by online SEO/SEM companies that may charge a small monthly fee.

Coupons are a very effective and powerful marketing tool to reach your target audience. Being that coupons generally don’t cost much to create and distribute, they can be advantageous to small businesses with lower budgets. By using coupons, your business will build brand loyalty and trust among your customers who will want to come back for more, and attract new customers that want to take advantage of your great deals. The increase in brand awareness and the popularity of your website’s great deals will eventually increase your profit and ROI.

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