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Gain Instant Online Exposure: Faster than Search Engine Optimization!

May 5, 2011

Yes, you heard right! There is a phenomenon called Affiliate Marketing that will get your online business up and running faster and cheaper than SEO. Affiliated Marketing is where participating marketers and publishers market your products on their sites using your ad or banners. If a customer buys, or in some cases, just fills in a form, you pay the publisher a commission. It’s easy to set up and get started with little or no experience. The beauty of it is you can get faster traffic to your site from direct and large number of incoming links that will lead to better search engine ranking. Hence, gain instant online exposure faster than paying someone to get you top ranking through search engine optimization. Don’t get me wrong, SEO is a great way to get online exposure, but if you are in the business of online e-commerce, why not take advantage of this instant exposure.

How do you find Affiliate Marketing Publishers?

There are many publishers online offering affiliate programs. The best way to recruit affiliates is to go through affiliate networks like ShareASale, Commission Junction and LinkConnector. There are many others and they do all the recruiting for you for a fee. A less expensive option is to recruit bloggers directly or Google search for potential recruiters.

Here is some tips on recruiting good publishers:

  • Offer bonuses for high achievement : for example a $100 bonus for 50 sales, a $250 bonus for referring 100 sales, etc.
  • Offer higher commissions: In most cases you decide how much to pay them. Usually a percentage of sale prices between 2% to 25%. Try to at least match or beat your competition.
  • Offer interactive marketing tools: most publishers are used to getting the usual banner and text links. Instead provide a whole range of promotional items: solo emails, an auto responder tutorial series (those promoting you could build their own list while promoting your product), brandable e-book mini-courses for them to give out that promote your main product, reviews for them to customize, content they can use that has in-context links, etc. Use your imagination!
  • Offer incentives for reaching different sales levels: For example: ten referral sales get them a free copy of your product.

Once you sign up with a few good publishers, you will reap the rewards fast and build your online sales fast and effectively. With some affiliates, you will even extend your reach globally!

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