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How Article Submission Can Boost Your Business Image

May 5, 2011

Have you ever searched a product online and came across an article that describes someone else’s experience with that same product? If you are among the millions of people who search the internet everyday for products and services, then you have read many articles that may have sold you on those products and/or services. In fact, Article Submission is a great marketing tool for anyone offering good products and services. Anyone or any business can share their ideas or expertise through Article Submissions to brand themselves or their website. If you have an edge over your competitors or expertise on the products and services you offer, you should consider writing articles on the subject and submitting the articles to article sites. These articles are then read and shared by readers and publishers and eventually everyone starts knowing about you and your company.

This is how it works: To increase your ranking in search engines you have to submit articles that are well written and offer value to the reader. Make sure the article contains relevant keywords and include a one way link to your site. Choose keywords that people use to search for your product. Remember, search engines weed out any article that over does it with too much of the same keywords. If you are a good writer, then write the articles yourself. Submit multiple articles to as many article submission sites as you can. This can be time consuming, but there are online services that can save you time by writing and submitting these articles for you, and they don’t charge much. Well written articles help establish you as an authority on the subject and help your web exposure enormously.

Remember that there are millions of articles being submitted daily to search engines, and the way to make sure you rank high is by submitting articles that are interesting and grabs the audience’s attention. Provide information that is both interesting and helpful to your audience. By submitting one or two articles a week, you can secure a free, one-way contextual back links while providing your audience with helpful information in your article.

Last but not least, make sure your title is both attention grabbing and uses your audience’s targeted keywords. Remember an interesting title will entice you audience to read your article. The title is the first thing your potential customers will see, so make sure it’s GREAT!

If you use article submission correctly, you will establish your business and yourself as an expert in the field and increase the value of your site.

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