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How Group Buying Can Get You Maximum Online Exposure

May 5, 2011

In today’s highly competitive online marketing world, small and medium size businesses are often left behind the big size companies who spend millions on marketing campaigns. Now there is an entire new form of marketing that can benefit the companies with smaller budgets. Group Buying is a new buying trend where consumers band together to get better deals or discounts on products and services. A typical group buy offers include: coupons off a minimum purchase at retail stores, percentage discounts off local restaurants, or two-for-one tickets specials for movies or concerts. Group Buying sites including GroupOn and LivingSocial typically offer these campaigns or deals in localized specific cities. The process is simple, with a click of a button; you can distribute your offer across multiple social networks like Facebook and Tweeter. There are companies and agencies like Wildfire that build and launch your Group Buying Campaign using formats such as quizzes, contests, coupons, virtual gifts and more.

This is how it works: let’s say Jason enters your Group Buying offer via Facebook, he then invites john, Pete and Nate. Nate joins the group and invites four of his friends to join and so on. This form of viral marketing can spread the news about your business and offers across multiple platforms in minutes. There are many benefits to Group Buying including:

  • Reaching users across multiple social media platforms
  • Generating leads
  • Creating and increasing brand awareness
  • Increasing sales and revenue

It says a lot about your business if you are a part of emerging trends such as Group Buying. Participating in Group Buying Campaigns will appeal to existing and potential customers, and set you apart as being a forward thinking company that’s up-to-date with technology.

Once you decide to join, there are companies and agencies that will create campaign formats for you such as quizzes, contests, coupons, virtual gifts and more. Wildfire companies & agencies can easily build & launch social media marketing campaigns within minutes. They provide easy-to-use design features that enable you to create layouts & designs that fit your needs. I ‘v included a brief description of their nine campaign formats:

  • Quizzes: You can create interesting quizzes that will test the user’s personality and can be shared with their friends. The friends are then often compelled to take these quizzes. Also these quizzes can be combined with coupons, sweepstakes and contest campaigns.
  • Custom sign-up forms: Creating these forms that also double as surveys can capture information about your lead s at any time.
  • Trivia: Creates a sense of enthusiasm and competition among friends by compelling them to fill out trivia questions that you’ve developed. Friends often share their scores just to see how the other did and thus spread the word about your business.
  • Sweeps takes: Engage users by creating custom sweepstakes and by giving away rewards randomly. These sweepstakes can be distributed via social networks and engage the user to spread the word to multiple friends.
  • User generated contests: Run a contest where winners will be decided by public votes. The users can generate video, photo or essay contests. Then you can choose from four winner-selection formats: public voting only, company judging only, company selects finalists then public votes for winners, public vote determines finalists then company chooses winners. Public can than share the results via news feed and thus spread the word.
  • Coupons: Drive traffic to your site by distributing coupons. When someone downloads a coupon, word spread via friends invite. Ultimately this will Drive traffic to your site, encourage purchases, launch a new product or generate buzz.
  • Product Giveaways: Give away free products or product samples as a way to generate buzz, introduce a new product, build brand awareness or gather customer feedback. Word spreads via Facebook newsfeeds that are generated when someone interacts with your campaign and via friend invites.
  • Gifts: Upload a set of images which will be offered in a set of virtual gifts your users can virtually gift to their friends. Users can create and share these branded virtual items with their friends while interacting with your brand. You can also combine gifts with a contest, sweepstakes or coupon campaign.
  • Favorite Picks: Upload your own images of items and the users pick and rank their favorite items from among a list of images you provided. This is a great way to generate buzz, build brand awareness and understand your fan’s mindset. The users then share their favorites with their friends and spread the word. This also lengthens engagement and increase interactivity with participating users. You can also combine favorite picks with a contest, sweepstakes or coupon campaign.

Take advantage of this highly effective marketing strategy and make it an important part of your overall marketing campaign. If done correctly, Group Buying can increase your ranking among the competitors and create maximum exposure for your business in very short time. Remember, online marketing on social networks takes time, skill and Daily Maintenance! If you decided to do it yourself, do your homework so it’s not a waste of time for you and your company. I highly recommend hiring a professional to take your marketing effort to the maximum. It also pays to hire an online marketing service that can maintain and manage your social media marketing for a small monthly fee.

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