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How Press Release Distribution Can Set Your Small Business Apart From Competitors

May 5, 2011

One of the most effective and viral brand awareness forms of advertizing is releasing and publishing an effective Press Release. No paid advertizing or paid SEO is as effective as organic publicity. If you have NEWS then why not share it? And if you create a buzz, you will reach a large audience that can become potential customers. The days of sit-and-wait public relations advertizing is over. Now you can tap into many social networks and market your business faster than before. Most people get their news from the internet and on their mobile devices. Few people have time to read magazines or news paper in today’s fast moving world. Think of the millions of potential customers you are targeting all over the world through the internet and an effective Press Release.

A Press Release creates brand awareness, generates leads, and ultimately may make you a household name. There are many PR service sites you may submit your news to. Sites like Google, Yahoo and PRNews are some of many PR sites that will release any noteworthy news immediately. However, I repeat, the news must be of good content and noteworthy. A weak press release will not generate any buzz or leads.

A good example of an effective Press Release title that has a decent chance of getting published is “New children’s clothing company help underprivileged kids”. So instead of saying “New children’s clothing company now opens on Main Street” this would not have been newsworthy. Of course, the company would actually have to help underprivileged kids! This type of Press Release will set you apart in the business market and get you maximum exposure. In this competitive economy, press release can be a vital part of your marketing campaign and help increase sales and revenue.

There are some important strategies to remember when marketing through Press Release:

  • The product or service you are writing about must be newsworthy. This will ultimately let your viewers know about you and your business. If the product is boring, press release will not help promote it. If the news is not important or relevant, you may also create a negative image about your business and credibility.
  • The headline is very important. It should include the important aspects of your press release. It needs to be content that is both smart and attention grabbing. If you are not savvy with words, consult a professional. They will do a great job in most instances and you can be sure that the press release is being done correctly. Most importantly, it doesn’t cost much to hire these services!
  • Use straightforward language that contains all vital information that has value for the reader without making it too long. No more than 500 words.
  • Include a one way link to your web site. Make sure it leads to the particular page on your site that you are promoting. Your customers will appreciate not having to search your site for information.
  • To increase your search engine visibility, use relevant keywords that will help your customers find you when looking for your products and services.
  • Last but not least, keep in mind that news agencies are always looking for interesting content to fill up their papers or websites. If the content is interesting and a newsworthy PR piece, news agencies will love to publish it.

Taking the time to release newsworthy information about your small business will set you apart from your competitors.

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