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How Search Engines Optimization Can Increse Your Ranking

May 5, 2011

When a paying prospective customer is searching the internet for your products or services, you want to make sure your business comes up in the first three pages. Otherwise, the likelihood of the customer finding you is slim to none. The good news is that ranking high organically in the search engines is possible, and it can place your business ahead of competition. You can optimize your business either in house or through professionals. Besides Yahoo, Google and Bing there are altogether 12 major search engines where you can list your site, including Alta Vista, Meta Crawler, and more. There are also local search engines, yellow pages and business directories that can bring potential traffic to your online business. It is recommended to have complete and professional listings in all these search engines. This can be difficult and time consuming, so if you are a business that’s just starting out it pays to hire a professional online service to set you up. There are two ways to advertise on search engines: Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Advertizing (paid search). Successful online retailers employ both methods

Search Engine Optimization or organically advertizing your small business is the preferred long term way to increase your search engine ranking. SEO can be a difficult and time consuming. It is done by ensuring that your pages are written in a way that search engines can easily recognize the content of your website. Your website must include keywords that will be picked up by the search engine. If these keywords are well written into the content of your website, whenever someone searches for those keywords, your website will appear higher in the listing than the competitors.

There are some tips to remember when using search engine optimization:

First, do some simple keyword search to see what words people are using when looking for your company, products and services. Implement these words in your website and paid advertizing, but remember not to overdo it. Overusing keywords can cause you to be penalized and no longer be listed on search engines.

Second, use relevant and specific keywords that are related to your products or services. For instance, if you are a pizzeria in Woodland Hills, you want to include Woodland Hills as one of your keywords so your local customers can find you.

Third, keywords should go into content, titles, headers, URLs, and Meta description tags to increase your visibility.

Fourth, create and update interesting and fresh content that has value for the reader. Allow your customers to communicate their thoughts through blogs and customer comment section.

As search engines mature, they use new techniques for finding relevant and valuable content to present to their visitors. Many SEO companies spend a tremendous amount of time and effort to follow search engine trends and can use their expertise to help your website stay relevant and ahead of your competition. As a site owner, you should know the basics of SEO and make sure your content developers are creating content that will be indexed by search engines. Ultimately it pays to hire a professional company to help direct your SEO efforts, especially if you are competing with other companies in your space who are using effective techniques.

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