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How Social Media Can Help Market Your Business Quickly and Easily

May 5, 2011

Thanks to the popularity of the internet, the 21st century saw a huge increase in social media sites. As a result, social media has become an easy and fast way to communicate and ultimately market your products and services. Social networking sites like Tweeter or Face book, social bookmarking sites like, and social news sites like Digg or Reddit allow the user to interact, publish and share their work and ideas.

For small startup companies that cannot spend much on marketing, social media can boost their business image rapidly and without much investment. Consumers can have access to your company and brand in significant numbers. Networking sites like Face book and Tweeter work with the friend concept. For instance, people can give positive reviews about your product and tweet about your company to their friends. Creating free advertising by networking can lead to an increase in brand awareness, and therefore an increase in sales.

Social media sites like Tweeter may connect you to the end user (customer or potential customer). If you are comfortable about opening up lines of communication with your customers, you can improve your products and services using their suggestions. The question you have to ask is what do your customers want and is it worth their time and money. The information you provide must appeal to the end user. For instance, does the content appeal to the customer in such a way as to help them get smarter, look better or make more money? If yes, you are providing value to the reader by writing the right content and creating open communication lines with customers using the social media platform, and this can have tremendous potential growth for your business.

First, you will need more than one social network to reach your audience. Sign up on all major networking sites and include information about yourself, your company and your offerings. Among your list, include the three major networking sites that have millions of followers like Facebook, YouTube and Tweeter. These networks are evolving and expanding every day and are some of the best sources of social media. For instance, create a short video about your company and post it on YouTube and include a link to your website.

Second, hire content writers that know how to write for the web and teach them to write information that is of value to your customers. The writers have to know what to listen for when networking with your customers. Through clever and informative writing, you can promote your sales or specials through social media. The writers need to put themselves in the customers’ shoes per se. For instance, with the current economic situation every human being on this planet is looking for a deal or sale on whatever product they need. So by spreading the news about the specials your company offers, you may increase traffic to your company’s website.

Finally, the integration of all the above sites will form a large and strong networking community that will help promote and market your business.

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