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How to Utilize Social Bookmarking to Market Your Business

May 5, 2011

Up until recently, internet users were limited to saving their favorite sites only on their own computer. But today you can share, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of your favorite sites using a process called Social Bookmarking. All modern web browsers include a bookmark feature where bookmarks are called favorites or internet shortcuts in internet explorer. Storing Bookmarks for future references, and allowing the same information for others to search, has become an important source of marketing for online businesses. For example, if you discover an online computer shop that offers great service and competitive rates, you can store it to bookmarking sites like delicious or propeller and write a brief of your experience. Then others could search, view, share and comment on the same site and this can promote businesses.

The advancement of bookmarking has created a way for users sharing similar interest to pool web resources or to store the bookmarks in such a way that they are not limited to one computer or browser. Therefore, Bookmarks can be accessed via internet from any computer. For small businesses that are just starting out and don’t have a lot of resources, Bookmarking has become a great social network so that what you bookmark today will be searched and recommended to others today or in the future. Social Bookmarking has become a popular source to build up relationships with businesses or individuals worldwide. As a result, marketing an internet business has never been faster or more effective.

This is why Social Bookmarking works:

  • It generates a heavier volume of traffic to your site: by Submitting your site manually to Bookmarking sites like Digg, blogthis!, delicious and MySpace.
  • By providing smart and web friendly content that is relevant to your business, you will target the right audience,
  • Links are generated back to your site, and therefore the more links, the more traffic to your site,
  • Instant indexing will allow your site to be indexed within hours into various search engines, and as a result, your site will be marketed to unlimited number of potential customers.

Bookmarking can be time consuming and in today’s highly competitive internet market, it pays to hire proficient companies that will market your business faster and easier. If you are a company looking to use bookmarking to promote your business, it pays to hire a professional online marketing service to eliminate all the hassle and time that it takes to create and manage a professional and effective bookmarking service.

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