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How Video Submission Can Help You Capture a Wider Audience And Increase Your Sales Instantly

May 5, 2011

Remember those younger days when you wanted to do just about anything except homework! What about all the hours you spent in college reading text books or research materials for your courses? Didn’t you always rather watch the video about a topic instead of reading about it? In fact you probably learned more about certain topics when you saw the information on video or TV instead of reading about it. Indeed, most online users like to see a 2 minutes video rather than reading an entire article and still having no ideas or half an idea about the product / services. In today’s fast paced online market, most people have become visual learners. You can see how effective video is by looking at the sites that incorporate video. Most successful companies use short video clips to promote their sites and increase their ranking.

Video marketing and promotions have become one the hottest and most commonly shared marketing tools on the web today. Google displays more videos on search results nowadays and the level of competition is not yet so high. Most online competitors are using articles and blog posts or any other forms of print advertising. So it’s a great time to get on board and use video advertising as part of your integrated marketing campaign.

This is how it’s done:

First, submit your video to as many different video sharing sites like YouTube,, Daily Motion, etc. This will increase ranking, and drive traffic and branding.

Second, implement complete SEO (search engine optimization) of your video before submission including creating interesting videos that have a value for the audience, subscribe to vblogger channels, use similar keywords as your competitors, post videos towards the end of the week when people watch the most, and share your video’s links on all social media platforms.

Third, provide manual distribution of your video to as many video sharing sites as possible. This will also help in ranking, brand awareness, getting backlinks and drive traffic to your site.

Fourth, keep up with the competition by regularly updating your business image by submitting new videos that explain your products and services

Hiring a professional video service can be beneficial in increasing your ranking and brand awareness and save you a lot of time. They will provide helpful information that has value for the reader. This will draw attention to your potential customers and lead them to your site. A good video marketing campaign will increase your ROI and place your business above the competitors.

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