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Seven steps to reach the first page of major search engines quickly

May 5, 2011

Ever wonder why some businesses always come up first when searching for a product or service online? You might also wonder why you never see local businesses come up first when searching for a particular item that you know your neighborhood store has. The answer is both simple and complicated! The World Wide Web has emerged and evolved over the years and changed the way people do business forever. Whether you have a multi-billion dollar business or a local mom and pop store, you are affected by this change. The days of going to the yellow pages or calling your 411 directories are in the past. Even my 76 year old mother has become Facebook savvy, and uses the internet to find products and services. It is easier to find what you need online versus searching a heavy and dusty book. On the other hand, it has become more complicated for local businesses. How can they compete with those businesses I mentioned earlier that are always coming up first when customers search for a product or service online?

I don’t mean to sound too dramatic, but a lot of people are still in the dark ages when it comes to the internet. Being in the online marketing business myself, I get the same question from friends and family all the time “How can I advertise on the internet and get more business?” My first answer usually is a question “are you coming up on the first page?” If not, the chances of your customers finding you online are slim. Then I tell them how a little research can get you a long way. Start by reading some online articles like the one I am writing now. Some articles are very informative and give you step by step directions on how to get started. If you are a local business, the best way to get started is by placing yourself in online local directories. There are many ways to advertise online and it can be time consuming. Allocating a budget towards an online marketing campaign and buying local ads is a great way to get you noticed online fast and efficiently. This is done by hiring a good online marketing service that knows the ins and outs of local marketing. If you want to do it yourself, consider the seven steps that have helped my clients get listed on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and other major search engines:

  • Step One – Manual directory submissions to all major directories relevant to your business. Don’t get trapped into buying software to do this. The old fashioned manual submission is the only way. It takes time, but it works!
  • Step Two – Article writing can get you noticed fast. A well written article helps establish you as an authority on the subject and helps your web exposure enormously.
  • Step Three- Article Submissions can increase your ranking in search engines. You have to submit articles that are well written and offer value to the reader to multiple article sites.
  • Step four- Write and submit Press Releases. If you have NEWS, then why not share it, and create a buzz about your products and services?
  • Step Five- Write and submit classified ads and post to multiple relevant classified ad sites, and list your business in the sections that are relevant to your products and services.
  • Step Six- Social bookmarking generates a heavier volume of traffic to your site by submitting your site manually to bookmarking sites like Digg, blogthis! Delicious and MySpace.
  • Step Seven- Social media marketing connects you to your audience through major social networks like Facebook, YouTube, MySpace and LinkedIn. Create a profile and submit your information to all social networking sites. This is one of the most viral forms of internet marketing that will get you notices in no time!

There are other forms of online marketing like Search Engine Optimization, but I suggest using a good online marketing service to do that for you. Don’t be too concerned about the price, after a few months you will notice the service will pay for itself by increasing your return on investment.

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