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Social Branding: Five steps to survive and thrive on the social web

May 5, 2011

Social networking is everywhere and on the rise. Whether you know it or not, you are social branding online in whatever form your name is being portrayed against your competitors. Consumers spend many hours online trying to find whatever information they can on products, services and brands that they are interested in. One negative review can mean a potential client lost forever. Experienced marketing managers know how today consumers navigate the digital media landscape to ultimately make a decision about their purchase. So where does your business stand in the social media landscape? What information are your potential consumers finding about you online, and how are their decisions about your brand being influenced? These are important question to ask in today’s highly social marketing world. Fortunately, there is help !Begin by recruiting professional social media experts to evaluate, actively listen, implement, monitor and maintain a comprehensive social profile for your brand. If done correctly, the five steps below can help create an effective Social Branding strategy that can create a buzz about your brand in the social media:

  • Evaluate: A complete and thorough evaluation of your online presence is necessary to determine your standing in the social arena. This means researching all social networks and search engines to find any messages, blogs, complains and comments about your name, brand or business.
  • Actively Listen: It’s important to actively listen to all major social media outlets for conversations regarding your brand or your competitors’ brands. Anytime someone posts a comment on the social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, especially when that comment is negative, you want someone to post a reply immediately to avert potential disasters of reputation quickly.
  • Implement: If you have not already done so, create multiple brand accounts on all social network sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to start the social branding process. Remember, First impressions on social media are everything so make sure you work with professionals to create the desired brand image.
  • Monitor: Continue monitoring of all your social network profiles and keep your profile up-to-date with news about your products and services. Monitoring is an effective way of controlling and protecting your social profile.
  • Maintain: last but not least, once your social profile has been created, it has to be maintained by an experienced social branding expert who can ensure all your online social media marketing profiles are up to par. Also, new content has to be developed and posted regularly to ensure fresh and unique information is being shared about your products and services in your social branding efforts.

Creating and maintaining a social branding strategy could be a full time job by itself. It pays to hire a reputable online marketing company that can perform the above work for your company and ultimately increase your return on investment.

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