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If your sales aren’t expanding, it may be time for a Competitive Market Analysis.

June 19, 2012

Often times business owners believe they know every aspect of their industry. In today’s marketplace where changes are occurring on a daily basis it’s not so easy anymore to stay abreast of the latest methods, developments and technological advances that will impact your business. When business stagnates and you’re stumped as to why or not sure what to do next, it may be time to consider a thorough market analysis. The Competitive Market Analysis is a comprehensive report that will give you a bird’s eye view of your industry, your competitors, any gaps or areas of potential opportunities and the ability to detect trends and see how advances in technology are affecting the marketplace. It will show you very quickly where you’re falling short and point you in the right direction to establishing a victorious, long-term plan.

If you are one year into your digital marketing campaign and sales are flat, consider re-evaluating business and your market. If you haven’t started a digital marketing campaign, consider starting first with a Competitive Market Analysis. This report will save you much time and money in the long run because it will give you key information on your industry volume and the major players and their market share.

The most valuable information will be about your competitors’ business. How do you think your marketing strategy might change if you knew the strategy of the top players in your industry? Here’s what the Competitive Market Analysis will tell you about your top 5 competitors:
Their volume of traffic
Of that traffic which is paid vs. organic
Exactly where they are advertising
Which ads are delivering the best ROI
Where are their sources of traffic coming from
What is the public sentiment
What role if any is social media having on their sales volume

Clearly you can see how this information would allow you to expand your market share and increase your revenue. Furthermore, the analysis gives you analytic reports on online searches, keyword phrases and in depth demographics that will assist you in search engine optimization and marketing. If you want to rev up your business and leave your competitors in the dust consider a Competitive Market Analysis, the most comprehensive report on your industry and your business. This all will help you in your business to market and to be well known in the internet field. Allowing you to come up in the top pages of search engines.

update: 2011/07/06
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