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Integrate an often overlooked tool to your social media and increase your site ranking?

June 19, 2012

An often overlooked tool used to keeping your most avid fans close to your products is the RSS feed. RSS or Really Simple Syndication allows your readers and customers to subscribe to your articles or posts and receive automatic updates whenever a new article is added. RSS gives you a direct channel to your best customers. In any marketing campaign the end goal is to find your target client, gain their respect and have the opportunity to keep them customers for life. RSS feed offers three benefits:

  • It keeps you close to your most receptive audience.
  • It increases your credibility.
  • It increases your visibility to search engine crawlers.

Not only does it give you the opportunity to talk about your products and company but search engines favor RSS feeds and rank these direct links high on their organic listings. The reason they do is because most search engines consider posts to an RSS feed fresh and relevant content. Also by posting articles and comments, you are adding new material that will be crawled and indexed by search engine crawlers. This is a dream for any site looking for increased ranking. While your primary objective is to enhance contact with your customers and keep them engaged, the added benefit is legitimate and authentic new material for search engines to crawl adding ranking and visibility to your site. While it is time consuming to feed new material, if you are organized, it can be simple and rewarding. Two cautionary pieces of advice:

  1. Do not rely on companies that will set your site up to capture outside news articles pertaining to your service or products. This is not an honest way to inform your clients. Your goal is to give your audience fresh and relevant information from your company’s standpoint not a continuous flow of information already published on the net. In addition, the latest Google updates ignore duplicate and redundant articles.
  2. Do not use Javascript. Some search engine crawlers don’t read Javascript and your feed won’t be indexed as part of your site. You need to break down the RSS feed and render it as html content. Use server side scripting languages such as ASP or PHP. There are free ASP and PHP scripts available on line.

RSS feeds greatly enhance your chances of increasing your site ranking and keep your best customers informed at the same time. Click on the link to learn more about RSS feeds and how it can elevate your online visibility.

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