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Social Media Monitoring Tools: I’m too busy handling the daily grunt of my business! Should I hire additional staff to respond to all the comments made about my business online?

June 19, 2012

When surfing online, you have to be asleep or dead not to notice all the social media networks that are popping out of the search engines. The social networking industry is growing so fast that vast majority of business owners are having a hard time managing their ever growing online presence. Larger companies are spending millions of dollars hiring online agencies to manage every aspect of their online reputation. Others are using their own staff or hiring new staff dedicated to online reputation management. So, to answer your question; yes and no! I say yes to hiring and dedicating a person to answer any comments made about you in social network sites, and other places or directories that your customers are leaving comments about you just to create a relationship with them. I say no to hiring a person to manage “all” your online

Social Media Monitoring

They Love Me. They Love Me Not. Social Media needs which is virtually impossible for popular brands! There are agencies that have affordable online management plans that can take away the headaches of business owners managing their own online reputation. has a brilliant social media monitoring tool that can give you an instant access to over 80 different social networks and show you every comment made about you on those sites. What sets them apart from other agencies is the price around $10 for 100 searches, and the sentiment scoring that lets you zero in on any negative comments without having to search all the social media sites or page through hundreds of pages of comments.

Please visit the Social Media Monitoring page to see all plans

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