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The power of selecting a good domain name to target the right audiences.

June 19, 2012

Did you know that selecting a good domain name for your website may ultimately help increase your online ranking? Simple steps like using relevant keywords that describes the core of your business in your domain name are essential for picking a name. Another step is to find and purchase high traffic domain names that were dropped and or expired (deleted). You can also find and bid on more popular names that drive more business to your site. Keep in mind, that the better names are likely to be taken and more expensive.  Depending on how your negotiation skills are, start your bid low (usually $200) and be prepared to go higher. Some premium domain names may be auctioned as high as millions on sites like  Again, if you have great negotiation skills, it’s better to buy directly from the seller. Some sellers are not aware how much they are worth and you may end up with a great premium domain name for much less. A premium domain name will make a huge difference in today’s highly competitive online market.  If you are looking to create a successful online business or improve an existing one, it is crucial to take the time and plan how to choose a domain name that will drive traffic to your business.

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