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The two best social platforms to draw crowds, money and awareness to your social functions.

June 19, 2012

Social Commerce this year will generate 5 billion dollars with half of that coming from the U.S.  Social media is a great way to increase your company’s visibility but also, if managed properly, can be successful at drawing crowds to your cause or ready-to-buy customers to your site. Facebook is the ideal platform from which to generate sales for businesses that involve social activities; whether it’s attending cultural events, shopping or charities.  It’s well known that Facebook is primarily a platform for people to socialize. Businesses that do well are ones where Facebook users are passionate enough about a product or service to friend or fan the business and send their friends to the promotion, event or cause.

Fans spend on average $71 more than a non-fans. Facebook fans are also 41%  more likely to recommend your product and 20% continue to purchase. We saw evidence of this when we took on the marketing campaign to promote a concert for an entertainment company.  The result of which was almost 1,000 fans, 500 emails captured and 5,000 tickets sold, all within a 3 month period.  We organized a sweepstakes giving away prized seats and promoted it on Pay Per Click, Facebook and Twitter and drew in the tickets sales. Creating a viral promotion that encourages fans to share with their friends is key.  Our ticket giveaway campaign did not give away 1 or tickets.  We gave away 10 free tickets to a winner.  Fans asked their friends to participate to increase their chances.  It also made it exciting for them make group plans in case they won.  The level of participation was astounding.

Facebook and Twitter will broadcast your campaigns drawing in crowds for events and it’s the ideal platform for friends to share information instantaneously creating hype around your product, be it concert tickets, sale on designer shoes or a charity donation.

For more information on the steps we employed to run this highly effective three month campaign for Arya Entertainment click on the link to review the case study.

update: 2011/06/07 | Social Media Marketing
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