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Tools of Social Media Marketing

June 19, 2012

Nowadays Social Media Marketing is booming due to the widespread use of digital media. It is the process of attracting traffic to the website through the use of social media site such as Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, and My space. It generally creates content in such a manner that users are encouraged to read it and then share it with their friends. The business messages are transferred from one user to other user as a matter of fact that they are originating from a trusted source. Therefore, word-of-mouth marketing or viral marketing takes place.

Social Media provides a larger platform which is easily accessible to any person sitting anywhere in the world having internet. These interactions and communications enhance the brand awareness and brand reputation and eventually lead to a better customer relationship management. It is used for the marketing campaigns because it is considered to be inexpensive form of marketing.

Let’s talk about one of the tool of social media management, which is “Social Analytics”. It can be an important element for becoming popular business; especially it helps in getting customer feedback and customer goodwill. Social analytics make use of the listening platforms (some of which has been developed by the organizations) to gather customer insights. Social analytics helps identifying the feelings and current trends in order to know the customer better. Whirlpool is one of the many examples who have successfully used social analytics to involve and engage customers through their feedback results.

Hence to be profitable with respect to customers every business should use the applications of social analytics. It will help the business flourish in the right direction leading towards customer retention and loyalty.

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