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You’ve finally learned why your competitor’s business is off the charts. You just found him using social media to channel business to his site. And you now want to know how to compete.

June 19, 2012

Finding out your competitor has been successfully using social media to increase his sales is a sinking feeling when your business isn’t even on the horizon of the social network. This is a common occurrence these days and at this juncture you need to move into action quickly. Learning the ropes of this vast social media landscape and implementing, monitoring and managing a campaign is unrealistic. Decide on a budget and find a company that can deliver results within 3 months. That is a tall order but if you are up against a competitor that has built social momentum and market share you have no other choice. Here are the imperative things you need a digital marketing company to do.

  1. Conduct a comprehensive behavioral research and analysis using multiple social metrics to identify your customer’s social media preference, which platforms are getting the most traction from your target and where your customers are going next.
  2. Vet your top 5 competitors’ online marketing strategies and learn everything you can about what makes them successful.  Take note of every competitive advantage you have over your competitors.
  3. Once you have a clear understanding of your customers’ wants, needs and lifestyles and you understand how your competitors are servicing those needs, strategize a coherent social media campaign with compelling content and great offers to attract buyers.
  4. For best results, interconnect your various social profiles and your engagement points such as your website, eBay store and Amazon store.
  5. Install brand sentiment monitoring metrics and use the feedback to build a more customer centric company and make adjustments where needed. This valuable feedback is your opportunity to develop and further your business and build brand loyalty.

Putting together a comprehensive social media marketing campaign is done one layer at a time. If your competition has already built a social presence you can start with these 5 steps and move on to completing the rest of your comprehensive strategy one layer at a time. An effective social media plan can drive sales and contribute significantly to your bottom line.  Do it yourself or hire a professional to help create an effective strategy for your company and put you ahead of your competitors.  Zero 360 Marketing offers marketing and social media management plans to choose from.

update: 2011/05/24

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