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Difference between visitor and unique visitor and why you should care.

June 19, 2012

It’s the end of the month and you’re scrambling through your monthly reports trying to figure out your pay per click report and you wonder what do term like “visitor” and “unique visitor” mean and how they might be important or affect your online marketing campaign. Understanding the report it’s just as critical as how you perform. The meaning of each term will help you make important decisions on how to adjust important factors such as budget.  Some important terms are visitors and unique visitors that can be determined through a month long tracking cookie.Web site traffic can distinguish between visitors who only visit the site once and unique visitors who return to the site.

Visits: A visit refers to a visitor’s session with your website. During the session, the user can view any number of pages, but the visit as a whole will count as one. The session ends when the visitor navigates to a new website, closes the browser or is inactive for a certain period of time (i.e. 30 minutes). If the visitor returns to the website later in the day, this will count as the second visit.

Visits, when compared with the next term – unique visitors, can help a webmaster understand the number of times visitors repeatedly enter a website.

Unique visitors: are the numbers of unique individuals that visit a website within a specific time frame. The time period set can vary depending on the tracking system in use, but it can be a week or month. There are usually two ways to track unique visitors, and this may be through a tracking cookie or by unique IP addresses. Through unique IP addresses, which are like online fingerprints, unique visitors are counted only once no matter how many times they visit the site.  Another way is through tracking methods that uses a month long tracking cookie, one web user can visit the website as many times as they want during that time and only have it counted as one visit. The unique visitor tracking method is good because it shows a business website how many potential customers they have browsing the site.

update: 2011/06/14


The two best social platforms to draw crowds, money and awareness to your social functions.

June 19, 2012

Social Commerce this year will generate 5 billion dollars with half of that coming from the U.S.  Social media is a great way to increase your company’s visibility but also, if managed properly, can be successful at drawing crowds to your cause or ready-to-buy customers to your site. Facebook is the ideal platform from which to generate sales for businesses that involve social activities; whether it’s attending cultural events, shopping or charities.  It’s well known that Facebook is primarily a platform for people to socialize. Businesses that do well are ones where Facebook users are passionate enough about a product or service to friend or fan the business and send their friends to the promotion, event or cause.

Fans spend on average $71 more than a non-fans. Facebook fans are also 41%  more likely to recommend your product and 20% continue to purchase. We saw evidence of this when we took on the marketing campaign to promote a concert for an entertainment company.  The result of which was almost 1,000 fans, 500 emails captured and 5,000 tickets sold, all within a 3 month period.  We organized a sweepstakes giving away prized seats and promoted it on Pay Per Click, Facebook and Twitter and drew in the tickets sales. Creating a viral promotion that encourages fans to share with their friends is key.  Our ticket giveaway campaign did not give away 1 or tickets.  We gave away 10 free tickets to a winner.  Fans asked their friends to participate to increase their chances.  It also made it exciting for them make group plans in case they won.  The level of participation was astounding.

Facebook and Twitter will broadcast your campaigns drawing in crowds for events and it’s the ideal platform for friends to share information instantaneously creating hype around your product, be it concert tickets, sale on designer shoes or a charity donation.

For more information on the steps we employed to run this highly effective three month campaign for Arya Entertainment click on the link to review the case study.

update: 2011/06/07 | Social Media Marketing

The power of selecting a good domain name to target the right audiences.

June 19, 2012

Did you know that selecting a good domain name for your website may ultimately help increase your online ranking? Simple steps like using relevant keywords that describes the core of your business in your domain name are essential for picking a name. Another step is to find and purchase high traffic domain names that were dropped and or expired (deleted). You can also find and bid on more popular names that drive more business to your site. Keep in mind, that the better names are likely to be taken and more expensive.  Depending on how your negotiation skills are, start your bid low (usually $200) and be prepared to go higher. Some premium domain names may be auctioned as high as millions on sites like  Again, if you have great negotiation skills, it’s better to buy directly from the seller. Some sellers are not aware how much they are worth and you may end up with a great premium domain name for much less. A premium domain name will make a huge difference in today’s highly competitive online market.  If you are looking to create a successful online business or improve an existing one, it is crucial to take the time and plan how to choose a domain name that will drive traffic to your business.

You’ve finally learned why your competitor’s business is off the charts. You just found him using social media to channel business to his site. And you now want to know how to compete.

June 19, 2012

Finding out your competitor has been successfully using social media to increase his sales is a sinking feeling when your business isn’t even on the horizon of the social network. This is a common occurrence these days and at this juncture you need to move into action quickly. Learning the ropes of this vast social media landscape and implementing, monitoring and managing a campaign is unrealistic. Decide on a budget and find a company that can deliver results within 3 months. That is a tall order but if you are up against a competitor that has built social momentum and market share you have no other choice. Here are the imperative things you need a digital marketing company to do.

  1. Conduct a comprehensive behavioral research and analysis using multiple social metrics to identify your customer’s social media preference, which platforms are getting the most traction from your target and where your customers are going next.
  2. Vet your top 5 competitors’ online marketing strategies and learn everything you can about what makes them successful.  Take note of every competitive advantage you have over your competitors.
  3. Once you have a clear understanding of your customers’ wants, needs and lifestyles and you understand how your competitors are servicing those needs, strategize a coherent social media campaign with compelling content and great offers to attract buyers.
  4. For best results, interconnect your various social profiles and your engagement points such as your website, eBay store and Amazon store.
  5. Install brand sentiment monitoring metrics and use the feedback to build a more customer centric company and make adjustments where needed. This valuable feedback is your opportunity to develop and further your business and build brand loyalty.

Putting together a comprehensive social media marketing campaign is done one layer at a time. If your competition has already built a social presence you can start with these 5 steps and move on to completing the rest of your comprehensive strategy one layer at a time. An effective social media plan can drive sales and contribute significantly to your bottom line.  Do it yourself or hire a professional to help create an effective strategy for your company and put you ahead of your competitors.  Zero 360 Marketing offers marketing and social media management plans to choose from.

update: 2011/05/24

Integrate an often overlooked tool to your social media and increase your site ranking?

June 19, 2012

An often overlooked tool used to keeping your most avid fans close to your products is the RSS feed. RSS or Really Simple Syndication allows your readers and customers to subscribe to your articles or posts and receive automatic updates whenever a new article is added. RSS gives you a direct channel to your best customers. In any marketing campaign the end goal is to find your target client, gain their respect and have the opportunity to keep them customers for life. RSS feed offers three benefits:

  • It keeps you close to your most receptive audience.
  • It increases your credibility.
  • It increases your visibility to search engine crawlers.

Not only does it give you the opportunity to talk about your products and company but search engines favor RSS feeds and rank these direct links high on their organic listings. The reason they do is because most search engines consider posts to an RSS feed fresh and relevant content. Also by posting articles and comments, you are adding new material that will be crawled and indexed by search engine crawlers. This is a dream for any site looking for increased ranking. While your primary objective is to enhance contact with your customers and keep them engaged, the added benefit is legitimate and authentic new material for search engines to crawl adding ranking and visibility to your site. While it is time consuming to feed new material, if you are organized, it can be simple and rewarding. Two cautionary pieces of advice:

  1. Do not rely on companies that will set your site up to capture outside news articles pertaining to your service or products. This is not an honest way to inform your clients. Your goal is to give your audience fresh and relevant information from your company’s standpoint not a continuous flow of information already published on the net. In addition, the latest Google updates ignore duplicate and redundant articles.
  2. Do not use Javascript. Some search engine crawlers don’t read Javascript and your feed won’t be indexed as part of your site. You need to break down the RSS feed and render it as html content. Use server side scripting languages such as ASP or PHP. There are free ASP and PHP scripts available on line.

RSS feeds greatly enhance your chances of increasing your site ranking and keep your best customers informed at the same time. Click on the link to learn more about RSS feeds and how it can elevate your online visibility.

update: 2011/05/10 |

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How social media monitoring can help protect your online reputation.

August 9, 2011

Social media can either make you or break you, and a lot of people are feeling the hard effects of the negative impact social media may have on their personal or professional lives. It’s unbelievable the type of information you can get these days about people and companies online. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to spread a negative remark among thousands of people in social media networks these days. Just look at how fast the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg spread personal information about his Harvard schoolmates online and found so many audiences and followers for it. That’s just exactly what the problem is: there is a large “massive” online audience that is interested and waiting to interact with their friends to tell them about latest gossip or news. Remember, there is probably a conversation about you, your company or brand going on right now! Some businesses fail to listen in on what is being said about them, their product and service. A bad review may cause loss of a few potential customers. Over time, bad reviews can lead into thousands of customers lost opportunities. But how do you monitor such a vast space with so many social networks talking at the same time? The short answer is social media monitoring tools. has developed a revolutionary online tool that allows companies to simply input their domain name or brand and receive an instant listing of online conversations about them on more than 80 social networks. This important information may help you control your online reputation by enabling you to discover and remedy issues before they snowball into major problems. An effective form of rapport and communication will develop that will help you build long-term relationships with your customers. Zero 360 Marketing social media monitoring will be able to tap into conversations on a number of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, other social networks, blogs, micro-blogs, news feeds, articles and review boards. A good online reputation will also help your ranking in the long term. Search engines continue to monitor social comments and content about a site and give higher placement to sites with lots of customer reviews. Unlike other social media monitoring tools, Zero 360 Marketing social media monitoring and insights platform assigns a sentiment score to each comment and article. For popular brands and companies, looking though thousands of comments may not be practical at all times. The sentiment score allows brand managers to quickly zero in on the comments that are important to them. This will help companies get actionable results from the social monitoring tools and ultimately help serve their clients better. In this day and age of daily advancements in technology, as a smart business owner, you really don’t have a choice even if you don’t have a desire to be involved with social media for your business. It is critical to keep up with your customers and your competition by getting involved and gaining an edge over your competition. It is utterly important to have an effective and assertive social media marketing plan that helps build a solid brand, create compelling offers and build your business around your customers.

The Importance of Correct Link Building

May 5, 2011

Most website owners search through thousands of how- to- articles to find the most up-to- date information on Search Engine Optimization. Indeed the first question most internet marketing experts are asked is “how do I drive more traffic to my website?” These articles are informative, but they often fail to mention the importance of correct Link Building. There is lots of information on the web about the importance of link building; however, they are contradictory and often scattered. Remember, a well executed link building or link popularity strategy can increase you website ranking. To accomplish this you need a good quantity of links pointing to your site from quality websites.

Link Building process can be difficult and tedious work. Mistakes can place your site in the search engines black listed category, or eliminate your site from their indexes completely. Investing in an online service will pay off in the long run. Most link building online services will create a good link building strategy that will target links from relevant and highly ranked sites. A good online service must ensure that all of your pages are optimized for relevant keyword phrases and contain quality incoming links.

A well executed Link Building Strategy should include the following:

  • Relevancy: While relevancy is very important, new studies show that having a mix of links covering multiple topics of interest from strong, relevant sites and general family friendly sites is the most effective approach.
  • Stay steady: Maintain a consistent flow of incoming links to become a trusted source to Google. Google often places a red flag on sites that have a spike in incoming links and all of a sudden stop or slow down. In order for Google to accept a site as credible, you must continue a new campaign for several months for Google to “trust” that the links are natural and organic.
  • Create deep links: To ensure that the best converting page is what ranks the highest in the search engine result page, and when focusing on specific keywords within link building campaign, it is generally best to link to the most relevant page for the particular keyword. For instance, the homepage or a subpage within your site that has been optimized for that particular term or subject. However, content is still the most important aspect of link building. You need to have informative and relevant content that is of value to the reader in order to be seen as authority on the subject you are trying to be ranked for. If you have pages within your site that Google hasn’t indexed, you aren’t getting credit for the content on those pages! Ensure you are getting indexed by the search engines by creating “deep links” into each page within your site. This will increase your number of indexed pages and your old content will still appear relevant, which could save you a lot of time and money.
  • Diversify anchor text: Various people that are naturally linked to your site have different anchor text. Therefore, it is smart to use multiple keywords within your link building strategy and anchor text to create a more natural link. This can be accomplished by using slight variations of keyword phrases and changing them from time to time.
  • Mix Link Types: Create links that are natural looking as possible with a healthy portfolio of press releases, blogs, articles, directories and bookmarks. Make sure to include some high quality links as well as other “normal “links for a natural looking link portfolio. Your link building strategy will make or break your site. An organic backlink portfolio is diverse and consists of multiple link types. Google designed its algorithm around links and that’s how it determines how important a site is. Through links, Google allows the web community to essentially “vote” for each other. Since each link counts as a vote, it’s important to ensure your votes are as natural and organic as possible.
  • Give it time: During recent years Google deems the age of websites as more important due to the problems it has encountered with spammers. An effective link building campaign takes about 3-6 month. Some new links that grow over time will start showing authority and pass value to your site. Link age is one of the most important factors when evaluating the effectiveness of a particular link campaign. Give your links time to grow importance, achieve full indexing and give your site that boost you are looking for.
  • High Ranking links may not be as important: Google uses a scale called Page Rank (PR) where a numerical value of 0-10 is given to show the importance of the website/page. Sites with higher PR values are generally deemed more valuable in link building. However, there are many other variables in link building that can give value to a website; for instance, the age of the domain, the number of outbound links on that page, daily hits and time on site, number of indexed pages, number of incoming indexed links and other factors. Remember, building links on pages that are SEO friendly and related to your keywords and topics could be more important than what the Google toolbar is telling you.

The most important concept to take away from this article is that when it comes to link building, diversity is the most important factor. Creating a high quality link is important as well; however make it as organic and natural as possible. As a website owner, you need to stay ahead of your competitors. Look into hiring an online service to help you stay above the competition in this ever changing industry.